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End Game is a 2006 action/thriller film, written and directed by Andy Cheng. The film stars Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Secret Service agent Alex Thomas, who is shot in the hand, while unsuccessfully trying to protect the President (played by Jack Scalia) from an assassin's bullet. Later, with the help of a persistent newspaper reporter named Kate Crawford (played by Angie Harmon), he uncovers a vast conspiracy behind what initially appeared to be a lone gunman. James Woods, Burt Reynolds, and Anne Archer co–star in this film that was originally set to be shown in cinemas by MGM in 2005, but was delayed by the takeover from Sony and eventually sent direct to DVD.
The project was in development for approximately three years at Paramount Pictures, during which time a screen adaptation that differed significantly from the novel was written. Summit Entertainment acquired the rights to the novel after three years of the project's stagnant development. Melissa Rosenberg wrote a new adaptation of the novel shortly before the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike and sought to be faithful to the novel's storyline. Principal photography took 44 days, and completed on May 2, 2008; the film was primarily shot in Oregon